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Ramdan calander:
“Ramdan” is the ninth month of lunar calendar which drive from an Arabic word “ramida” means scorching heat and dryness, it is the month of fasting for Muslims around all over world. As month of Ramdan is going to start and the time of sehr and iftar depends upon sunset and sunrise ( namaz-e-fajir and namaz-e-maghrib). According to sunset and sunrise in Pakistan (2015), we are providing you the schedule of fast (roza) or Ramadan calendar, for both fiqa-e-hanafi and fiqa-e-jafria (sunni and shia). Here you get the exact time of sehar and iftar for different fiqa’s. (fiqa hanafi and fiqa jafria).
.Here you can check the ramadan time table 2015 karachi.

Karachi Ramadan Timings 2015

(Ramadan 2015 Pakistan)

June Ramadan Day Sehar Time Iftar Time
18th 1st Thursday 4:13 Am 7:24 Pm
19th 2nd Friday 4:13 Am 7:24 Pm
20th 3rd Saturday 4:13 Am 7:24 Pm
21st 4th Sunday 4:14 Am 7:25 Pm
22th 5th Monday 4:14 Am 7:25 Pm
23rd 6th Tuesday 4:14 Am 7:25 Pm
24th 7th Wednesday 4:14 Am 7:25 Pm
25th 8th Thursday 4:15 Am 7:26 Pm
26th 9th Friday 4:15 Am 7:26 Pm
27th 10th Saturday 4:15 Am 7:26 Pm
28th 11th Sunday 4:15 Am 7:26 Pm
29th 12th Monday 4:16 Am 7:26 Pm
30th 13th Tuesday 4:16 Am 7:26 Pm
July Ramadan Day Sehar Time Iftar Time
1st 14th Wednesday 4:17 Am 7:26 Pm
2nd 15th Thursday 4:17 Am 7:26 Pm
3rd 16th Friday 4:18 Am 7:26 Pm
4th 17th Saturday 4:18 Am 7:26 Pm
5th 18th Sunday 4:18 Am 7:26 Pm
6th 19th Monday 4:19 Am 7:26 Pm
7th 20th Tuesday 4:20 Am 7:26 Pm
8th 21st Wednesday 4:21 Am 7:25 Pm
9th 22th Thursday 4:21 Am 7:25 Pm
10th 23rd Friday 4:21 Am 7:25 Pm
11th 24th Saturday 4:22 Am 7:25 Pm
12th 25th Sunday 4:22 Am 7:25 Pm
13th 26th Monday 4:23 Am 7:25 Pm
14th 27th Tuesday 4:24 Am 7:25 Pm
15th 28th Wednesday 4:24 Am 7:25 Pm
16th 29th Thursday 4:25 Am 7:24 Pm
17th 30 Friday 4:25 Am 7:24 Pm