Hi guys, do you want to know who is very handsome actors Right now? If so them check our list. Warm welcome to my page we make about elegant and talented actor list. It is very difficult work to make a list of Hollywood actors because this list is so long but I have tried to get people to like you. Hollywood actors are top most handsome actors they achieve Oscar awards Hollywood industry is an independent people from all over the country do Hollywood movie man. In this page we have listed top smart Hollywood stars it is very hurdle work to short list so enjoy about this list.


Adam Sandler

Albert Brooks

Alec Baldwin

Alex Pettyfer

Ansel Elgort

Armie Hammer

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ashton Kutcher

Ben Affleck

Ben Stiller

Bill Paxton

Billy Zane

Brad Pitt

Bradley Cooper

Brendan Fraser

Bruce Willis

Cary Elwes

Casey Affleck

Channing Tatum

Charlie Sheen

Chevy Chase

Chris Pratt

Chris Rock

Chris Tucker

Colin Farrell


Daniel Craig
(age 51 years)

Daniel Radcliffe
(age 30 years)

Dennis Quaid
(age 65 years)

Denzel Washington
(age 64 years)

Christian Slater
(age 50 years)

Cole Sprouse
(age 27 years)

Forest Whitaker
(age 58 years)

Gary Busey
(age 75 years)

George Clooney
(age 58 years)

Gerard Butler
(age 49 years)

Hayden Christensen
(age 38 years)

Hugh Grant
(age 59 years)

Hugh Jackman
(age 50 years)

Ian Somerhalder
(age 40 years)

Jack Black
(age 50 years)

Jackie Chan
(age 65 years)

James Franco (age 41 years)

James Spader
(age 59 years)

Jamie Foxx
(age 51 years)

Jason Bateman
(age 50 years)

Jason Schwartzman
(age 39 years)

Jason Segel
(age 39 years)

Jeff Goldblum (age 66 years)

Jerry Lewis

Jim Carrey
(age 57 years)

John Cusack
(age 53 years)

John Travolta
(age 65 years)

John Wayne

Johnny Depp
(age 56 years)

Jonah Hill
(age 35 years)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
(age 42 years)

Josh Duhamel

Josh Gad

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hutcherson

Keanu Reeves

Kevin Hart

Kevin James

Kevin Spacey

Liam Hemsworth

Luke Wilson

Mark Wahlberg

Matt Damon

Matt Dillon

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Fox

Matthew McConaughey

Mel Gibson

Michael Fassbender

Mike Myers

Miles Teller

Nick Kroll

Nicolas Cage

Norman Reedus

Orlando Bloom

Richard Gere

Rob Lowe

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Redford

Russell Crowe

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Reynolds

Samuel L. Jackson

Sean Penn

Seth Rogen

Shia LaBeouf

Steve Carell

Taylor Lautner

Ted Danson

Terrence Howard

Tom Selleck

Tyler Perry

Val Kilmer

Vince Vaughn

Ving Rhames

Will Ferrell

Will Smith

William Shatner

Woody Allen


Dwayne Johnson

Jason Statham Tom Cruise Vin Diesel

Zac Efron