Labs and diagnostic centers plays very important role for a healthy society. Diagnostic centers and clinical laboratories are important as well as a hospital is important. To signify and care for an actual disease or problem of a person, different types of analysis (such that blood test, urine test, cholesterol test, E.C.G, etc) are necessary which done in laboratories and diagnostic centers. Here are a complete list of laboratories and diagnostic centers of Karachi.
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Karachi Laboratory And Diagnostic Centre

Karachi lab and diagnostic center is one of the well-known laboratories of Karachi. It’s associations and NGO’s is ISO certified Organizations. It is a health clinic and dental laboratory, serving 24 hours.

Asia Lab Diagnostic Centre (Head Office)

Asian Lab diagnostic center has all kind of facilities of medicine, health, dental and pathological laboratories and serving 24 hours.

Jp Ct Scan Centre & Diagnostic Centre

JP CT scan center and diagnostic center is one of the well known X-ray laboratories, medical and dental clinic of Karachi which serving 24 hours and seven days in a week. It has a lot of facilities

Dr Ehsanullah Laboratory In Karachi

Dr. Ehsanullah lab. (PVT) LTD is one of the well known pathological laboratories of Karachi. It is a health and medical clinic, diagnostic center and also a blood bank, serving 24 hours.

Dr Essa Laboratory Karachi

Dr, Essa’s laboratory and diagnostic center is one of the well Diagnostic center, vaccination center and pathological laboratory of Karachi which serving 24 hours and seven days in a week. It has a lot of facilities such as CT scan, ECG, OPG, CT scan, colordoppler and much more. Doctor Dr. Essa M. Abdullah is its contact person. It has many branches and its main branch is located at North Nazimabad in Karachi. Some of the basic information (address, phone numbers and email address) about it are given below.

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