Many people want to know about latest cell phone of different brand because they are continuously change the cell, now a day there are different brands are available in market and different brand are introduced the different set with the different style and functions. Here we are discuss about the different brands cell phone, like Nokia, Samsung, Qmobile, voice, Motorola, Htc etc.

Mobile Phones



Nokia are one of the best brand all over the world, this brand continuously introduced the smart, it’s is also introduced the window phone, it provide the best quality, recently Nokia introduced some famous smart phones which name is Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 900, Lumia 630, Nokia X and Nokia XL etc.


Samsung is also one of the famous brand which are introduced different famous , unique cell phone with the different apps and function, Samsung introducing different style, all the smart phone which are belong from the Samsung galaxy family are became the most famous smart phone and the people also want to use it.


Qmobile is a Pakistani brand which made his market in a little time behalf of his different style, Q .mobile providing introducing many smart phone with the different apps and function, it does not introduced the most expensive smart phone, all the cell phones are affordable, A 200, A 300, Q 55. I 5, Z 4, A 4,etc, it’s the product code of Q mobile which are most famous, and due the its best quality  people are also take interest in Q mobile.