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Falak Pe Chand Ke Haale Bhi Sog Karte Hain


Wasi Shah, the great and one of the young Urdu Poet born on 1976 in Sargodha, a city of Punjab Pakistan. He is an excellent romantic poet, a writer, anchor, actor, columnist, and drama lists too. He stated his career in 2000 as an actor by his own scripted drama, he left acting career due to his childhood interest, in poetry. And finally at a time he has became the most famous, and romantic Urdu poet. He wrote books Mujhe Sandal Kardo, Mere Ho Ke Raho and Ankhen Bheeg Jati Hain. He also wrote many Tv plays, like Shikan, Babul, Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si etc. His pen name is “Wasi”. He got married in 2001 with Zara, he has four children. In this page you will find and read wasi shah sad poetry in roman urdu.

Falak Pe Chand Ke Haale Bhi Sog Karte Hain
Jo Tu Nahi To Ujale Bhii Sog Karte Hain


Nagar Nagar Mein Woh Bikhre Hain Zaalim Ke Manzar
Humari Rooh Ke Chahle Bhi Sog Karte Hain


Usey Kaho Ke Sitam Mein Woh Kuch Kami Karde
Ke Zulum Torne Wale Bhi Sog Karte Hain


Tum Apne Dukh Pe Akele Nahi Ho Afsurdah
Tumhare Chahne Wale Bhi Sog Karte Hain

By Wasi Shah