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university of the west of england bristol

Address : Coldharbour Ln Bristol BS16 1QY United Kingdom
Phone # +441179656261
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University of the west of England is generally known as Uwe, it is founded in the year 1992, actually in the day of starting it was just a polytechnic school and it was founded in the 1970 which was located in Bristol, England. After a long time it became a university in the 1992. Approximately 25,000 students can easily to receive in this university in different faculties. And approximately 3000 academic staff is present who continuously survive a better student. But it was not included in the rank of top 800 universities all over the world. Sir Ian Carruthers is the chancellor of this university and the voice chancellor of the university is Steven west. After a big struggle now a day this university is stabled and divided four main faculties into the department, name of

Four main departments are following.

Art, Creative Industries and Education
Faculty of business and law
Faculty of Environment and Technology
Faculty of health and life science.

Many notable and famous personality was became the part of university of the west of England just like Russell Howard is a comedian, Lee Chee Leong is the Deputy home minister of Malaysia. Paul Coldwell is an artist. Jack Russell is a cricket and peter J Hall was a costume designer who was died on 2010.